Black, Sparkles, Lace & Colors by Marina


Marina of Fashion. Makeup. Lifestyle. wearing her Honey Love Johanna Necklace and bracelet set on her post today. Check out Marina and her blog HERE!

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Hi Adam,Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been out of the country. Is the knetwoed Japanese knetwoed? I’ve heard that weed has very strong medicinal properties against Lyme disease. If so, perhaps that honey would be interesting to a niche market, but I don’t know much about marketing and I am just speculating.I would love to see a picture of any frames you have that has all three varieties on it.


A New year and a new theme for the website, looks great.Thats a 10/10 for cunteess we have two Whoodles (Sydney & Elvis) that were just as cute, then they grew up!All the best Jason


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