All White by Oomph.


Thank you so much to our Honey Love who featured our Rose Anchor Bracelet in her recent post on her blog [oomph.]

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以我以前做空姐的常住Anchorage (北美最北之地區) 勁暖氣酒店的經驗, 對付暖氣房有以下對策:1) 如空調有得選擇, 我會開最暖的冷氣(25 c), instead of 最冷的暖氣. 因為冷氣既風係from ceolont, 而暖氣係from 發熱線(dry 好多). 如無得選擇, 我會選擇關掉暖氣. (唔會好冷, cos 有中央暖氣)2) 弄濕一條小毛巾(濕度有80%) 放在bed side table near where you sleep. 容易入睡. 呀, MANUKA HONEY 好似要15+ 以上先有用喎!


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