Julia Marie


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Do you walk in your closet a see new tags hanging on clothes you've had for months, even years that you've never worn?

Do you feel overwhelmed when trying to put together an outfit because you don't know where do begin?

Are you tired of spending money on clothing only to wear it once and never see it again?

Then look no further, I have you covered with my Rule of 5 E-Book. It's my #1 shopping rule that I created when I had to start my wardrobe completely over from scratch, with only $200 to spend monthly to build my new wardrobe I had to get creative. I knew each purchase had to be intentional and had to interchangable.

In this 16 page FREE E-Book I'm sharing every step of The Rule of 5, exactly why I had to create it ( a little personal story), how you can implement it, and how to start building your capsule wardrobe.