We believe that taking proper care of your jewelry makes all the difference in maintaining its shimmer and glow, which is why we have the following basic jewelry care instructions to help you do just that. We hope you find them helpful.

Basic Home Care Instructions:

There are several things that should be avoided when interacting with the jewelry. For instance, some everyday chemical combinations can be harsh on gold and silver so it is important to steer clear of them.

Remove Jewelry During Everyday Tasks – Cleaning products and Cosmetics can affect the surface of the bracelets, necklaces (acrylic, Swarovski, etc.) taking away from their natural gleam. Due to the exposure to chemicals, its best to remove your jewelry when cleaning, gardening, taking a shower, applying lotions, hairspray, perfume and makeup, that way you are limiting the exposure to any potential damage.

Don’t Wear Jewelry in Swimming Pools and Spas - the chlorine in the water can react with the metals found in jewelry and can affect the color and even cause structural damage.

Remove your jewelry when changing clothes or sleeping, because it can cling to fabric and possibly break or rip. You should also remove any jewelry you have on during contact sports, because hard hits can damage jewelry and also hurt you and the people involved.

Gold & Silver name jewelry cleaning:

Good silver will eventually tarnish, so to save time on extensive cleaning in the future, it is best to take care of it in the present.

Use Jewelry Cleaning/Polishing Cloths Regularly – we recommend that you remove any light tarnish that appears or fingerprints with a professional cloth. You can use a svelte or an old diaper as well, but professional cloths are the best. Using a paper towel or tissue is not recommended because the fibers that exist in these products that cause scratching.

Use Warm Water to Clean - To remove oils, dirt or fingerprints, add a small quantity of mild liquid soap to half a cup of warm water, soak the piece for 2-3 minutes and cleanse properly with clean water. Dry completely.

It is important to use a silver polisher to clean your jewelry, when you see that the silver starts to tarnish. It is normally best to stick to well-known silver-care product manufacturers, because some inferior products can cause scratching. Some examples are creams and pastes by the Hagerty company, Twinkle Silver Cream (very gentle), and Wright's Silver Cream (slightly more abrasive) These are available through supermarkets, silver dealers and jewelry stores, as well as on the Internet.